Ok, for now let’s read Matthew, 1 chapter a day, starting at the beginning and going straight through. Notice how many Old Testament prophecies about Jesus are fulfilled in the first two chapters of Matthew. How many can you count?

Also, note the lineage of Jesus. He was a real person with real parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. on Joseph’s side.

Many atheists will tell you that there are many stories or “myths” in the various religions of the world that speak of a savior, born of a virgin, who is sacrificed or that even rises from the dead. And so they say the story of Jesus is also just a myth. And although there are many such stories and myths in folk tales and in other religions, these weren’t about a real person!

C.S. Lewis writes about this and says that in Christianity the myth became reality, and calls these other stories, “pleasant dreams” that God has given to mankind. There are other important differences in these other world myths and the real account given of a real person that we read in the Gospels. But this is most important difference of all, the Bible is giving a real eyewitness account of a real person who really lived in history in a specific place fulfilling numerous prophecies which foretold His coming, and witnessed by something like 500 people.

And in the New Testament the story is told by His followers who after His death, never denied Him but continued to preach His message and gave their life rather than deny it.

What did you get out of the first 2 chapters?